Buy a famous brand clothing to make money

Buy a famous brand clothing to make money

Lin Wan handed a table to Chang You and explained, “These are the benefits that I have acquired for our customers. Take a look.”

Chang You reached out and realized that the table contained all the unique and special advantages Otto Technologies’ customers would have, which they had discussed before. They had been broadly split into several categories.

High frame-rate mode for the mobile version of Bloody Battle Song, exclusive updates.

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High frame-rate mode for the mobile version of GOG (unreleased), exclusive updates.

One free game per year if customers link their Tengda Games accounts to their cell phones.

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Low prices for appearances, skins, weapons, and other benefits that Tengda Games regularly releases.


Ultimate VIPs of Zhongdian Chinese Network: the highest number of recommendations and votes in the site, thirty-percent off subscriptions, and early access to test new functions on the site.

Fei Huang Workspace’s Connoisseurs: free access to all online shows, two tickets to the pre-screening of every new movie.

(Implied benefit) Highly-privileged users of TPDb.

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Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Game Masters: thirty-percent off all expenses and a free drink daily.

Fish-Catching Take-Out’s Top-Tier Member: regular red packets and free delivery.

Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s distinguished guests: A free dish with a one-time spend of three thousand yuan. The exact dish would be decided based on the total bill.

VIP of Upwind Logistics: priority for express deliveries.

Trade-in: an additional discount of five hundred yuan, above the value of your old cell phone.