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In that case…This mystery can be solved by asking a single question.

“Vice President Kiriyama, you have the ticket to Class A in your possession right now, right?”

Normally, this question would be answered with a simple “yes”.

Even so, Kiriyama replied in a blink of an eye without changing his expression.

“If I had the ticket in my possession right now, I wouldn’t have any problems.”

“I see. If Nagumo was holding onto that ticket, it would certainly be a different story.”

I mean, it’s not surprising, but Nagumo had a cunning strategy. If Nagumo controls all the private points, then nobody can go against him.

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Put simply, he’s promising to spend 20 million points to rescue them and bring them up to Class A.

No, it may be a bit naive to call it a promise.

If you continue to be loyal to me, I will provide you with a ticket.

It’s safe to assume that he is avoiding explicit statements by using vague expressions.

If they were to go against him in this situation, Nagumo would violate that promise without a second thought.

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“It’s also forbidden to accumulate your own private points. Individuals are free to hold up to 500,000 points. Anything beyond that is syphoned off to Nagumo.”

“Sounds tough.”

Unlike depositing cash in the bank, private points are an electronic currency that cannot be hidden. They will probably have rules so that their balances are carefully monitored.

Even if they were able to kick Nagumo out of the school by some means, he would then be expelled with his tens or even hundreds of millions of private points, and they would be left with nothing.

This also means that even if they wanted to rebel, they could never succeed.

“Now you know why the 3rd years put Nagumo on a pedestal and protect him, right?”