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“【Arcane True Zenith Cross Counter Return】!!”

“”””” Machio... does such a technique!?”””””

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Of course, for those who knew him, it’s probably the first time they’re seeing that Mr. Machio.

A style different from the Mr. Machio they’ve seen before.

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But in exchange for that...


My face was defenseless, and a reversal of the left... my left arm was thoroughly hit by a gargantuan strike.

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“【Arcane True Zenith Double Cross-Coun–“

Cross-counter return counter.

Mr. Machio was trying to hit me with a double cross counter.

Thanks to my predictable move, I was preparing on the right...

“Got him!”

I cut him down.

At that moment, there was a flash of light and...

“Ma... Machio...”

“Eh? No...... eh? What...... Ms. Sadiz, did you get it?”