Using a mobile phone to make money online is real or fake

Using a mobile phone to make money online is real or fake

This figure was slightly lower than Pei Qian’s impression of LOL at the beginning of 2013, but it was already very impressive.

There were more than ten million active daily players in the world. Shouldn’t they organize an event to celebrate?

It was just as well. The pure giveaway for the special event was also 10 million yuan.

Pei Qian decided that he would choose 1,000 lucky people out of all the active users in GOG.

All gamers who had been online for within a month and had reached a certain level of time could participate in the lucky draw.

During the lucky draw, prizes would be distributed to different servers according to the number of players.

For example, there were obviously more local players than other servers. Naturally, they had to arrange for more winners.

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After the lucky draw, 10 million yuan would be divided between the 1,000 lucky winners in the world.

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When splitting the profits, each person would not get ten thousand yuan. Instead, the price would fluctuate according to a set of random rules. The lowest price would be one thousand yuan, and the highest price would be one hundred thousand yuan.

This money was given directly in cash. It was rather crude.

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After all, the System had given him an unconditional spending limit. He had to be crude.

Ordinary money-burning activities also revolved around this.