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Then, after taking another glance at this space, Tre’ainar made a smug face, saying, “I could train more disciples if I wanted”.

Or, I noticed by Tre’ainar’s words, but a guy taking a break had a raw egg… Oh, hey. What are you thinking, drinking raw eggs directly? [3]

『As usual… that one… is still naive…. yet to release the tiger’s eye…. still a long way to call it a tiger den.』

In what way…. Tre’ainar, I was confused when I saw the statue a while ago, but now there’s something else…. what’s a tiger’s eye or a tiger den?

“Incidentally, the third floor is the Magical Sparring Ground, where thou can engage in a mock battle. Thou could try thy skills with other disciples, sometimes with thy teachers……. Fufufu, how about it?”

Then she told me about the facilities and asked, “What do you think?” The High Priestess asked for my impressions.

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To be honest, it was a dojo completely different from what I had imagined. In a good way.

And, although the size is smaller than the training ground at the academy, there are a lot of unknown equipment, so it seemed somewhat interesting.

Apart from the tournament, it might be interesting to train here…

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“Yes… train here…surpass ‘Machio’…… win the tournament… as the one who inherited the power of the Great Demon King… thou would be a worthy companion for ‘Lady Kron’…… fuh~, as for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Machio, but although she is human, to have ‘Tsukshi’s’ maiden love end with a broken heart… it would pain me little.” [4]

Hmm? Somehow, the High Priestess was mumbling something, but … I couldn’t hear it well…

『Magical Sandbag… hmm, yes… the child who had only trained in shadow and phantom sparring could further improve the quality of the punches here… now, what sort of schedule shall I craft? Hmm, what to do? What shall we do?』