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It should be impossible to see the future or through a person through fortune-telling. That is precisely why I wanted to have my fortune told once, to discern its credibility. So that I could conclude that it is simply an extension of cold reading.

"I wonder if it's limited only to this month" I muttered.

Once I looked into it, it seems once the summer vacation ends, the fortune-teller will leave too and it's still unknown when or if he's coming back. Depending on the circumstances, it might even be that no person related to fortune-telling will visit this school again.

"But even if I say that...".

I don't have anyone to invite. I'm backed into a corner at this point. Horikita will most likely reject me again and I don't have the courage to invite Kushida in the first place.

I'm sure Sakura would be willing to accompany me, but if I bring her to a place full of couples, I may make her feel uncomfortable things. Other than that would be Sudou or Ike or Yamauchi. Those group of boys. But they probably don't want to spend the remaining days of the precious summer vacation going to a fortune-teller with another man.

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"...checkmate, huh?" I muttered to myself.

A simple answer came out. In my limited interpersonal relationships, no matter how hard I think it seems impossible. In the first place, I dislike the couples-only sort of fortune-telling. You could almost say it's the same sort of thinking as Ibuki. For those genuinely interested in fortune-telling, it would be a great barrier. And just like that, I stopped my online search.

And the next day after I had given up, strangely my feet were drawn towards the direction of the fortune-teller. It's probably just because I was free every day. There's no other reason than that.

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Yet another bizarre meeting. At the same time and at the same place, I reunited again with Ibuki.

"Why did you come again?...and alone too" Ibuki asked.

Ibuki hugs herself while looking at me with a disgusted expression.

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"That's my line too. I'll return the question to you as it is" I replied.

"You said you liked fortune-telling, didn't you? I just thought maybe you'd try to have your fortune told even if you're alone. That's all".

It's a sort of renegotiation then, or perhaps she came expecting the situation to have changed. Or something of that sort. I wonder if Ibuki just likes fortune-telling that much. I started to feel like wanting to know which part of fortune-telling she likes in particular.