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"Uwa, President, this boy has a "I just met with someone troublesome" face about him". Although I had only made such an easy-to-understand expression, the girl standing beside the elder Horikita, the 3rd year secretary Tachibana, said that in an exaggerated tone.

But even so, unlike the male uniforms, the uniform that the girls wear don't seem to give off the feeling of being hot.

If I could feel such coolness, I wouldn't be making complaints like that though.

"Even though it's the summer vacation, it seems the student council is rather busy" I asked them. Secretary Tachibana seems to be holding something resembling a notebook. I almost thought for a moment that the second semester had already begun.

"We were simply using the summer vacation to renovate the student council room and that is the extent of this relationship" Secretary Tachibana explains that to me without even the need to bother the president.

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"I see, see you then" I told her.

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"Uwaaa, for someone that just heard something like that your reaction is awfully carefree. More importantly you, you should watch your mouth a little bit more too. Do you even know who this person is? This is the fearsome student council president of this school, you know" Tachibana told me.

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I know that. I also know that he wields an unbelievable amount of influence too. At first I did think to show respect and deference towards him, and even speak formally, but I had stopped thinking that along the way.

The elder Horikita too, does not seem to wish for me to speak formally and so I chose to not hold back.

But even so, Secretary Tachibana too seemed to be different from how I had initially imagined her. I had thought her to be a more serious person than this, but it seems she's quite a lenient person as well.

"Do you wish to impose a penalty on me befitting this school? Sorry but I'm completely out of points" I told her as if to shrug off her words. The elder Horikita too, I had thought, wouldn't want anything to do with a person like me but rather than leaving he narrowed his eyes and said this to me.

"Ayanokouji, if you are currently free, I want you to accompany me for a while"


It seems Secretary Tachibana is surprised at the president who had just invited me. I was surprised too. But---

"Sorry but my schedule's already full" I told him.

"Ehh? You're declining?".