How to write novels to make money to online

How to write novels to make money to online

“Chiaki, why do you love me?”


I think I shouldn’t ask this. Chiaki let out a “pfft” as if she just got punched really hard.

I hastily tried to smooth things over.

“I-I’m sorry! I-I get it! Even I know that this is a ‘why don’t this guy go die’ question. However, Chiaki, I sincerely don’t know which part of me do you love…It’s more like, the process is way too complicated. Honestly, I’m still perplexed…”

After I managed to express my thoughts, Chiaki wiped the corner of her mouth with her sleeve before saying “r-right” as she continued.

“Indeed, perhaps you’ll feel perplexed since I’m always arguing with you. Uh, …it’s because I knew your true identity a while ago, that’s why I’m falling for you on my own…”

“My identity…Ah, you mean our interactions online…”

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Come to think of it, Chiaki and I are bitter rivals in reality, but NOBE and Mono are good friends of mine. Although it kind of freaks me out since people will think I’m falling in love with another girl, I really think those two (one in reality) are important to me. So, even if I can’t let this go yet, it’s not hard for me to understand.

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“I get it.” I nodded. Then, Chiaki plopped her head down embarrassingly before counting the stairs as if she’s trying to cover something and continued.

“W-Well, Keita, even so, it’s not just from what we did online. Uh, to me, the time when I get to chat about gaming with you in real life, that’s precious...and relaxing…”

“R-Really, …well, …I’m honored….”

“I-It’s fine…”

I can’t help but scratch my cheeks and fell silent…N-No, I don’t know what I should do in situations like this. Since I’ve always been a shabby loner, there are no smart options for me to choose when people are complimenting or liking me. It feels like I’m talking about a buggy game with other online players.

“A-Also, Keita, let me tell you, let me tell you! The reason that I love you! Well, actually, a big factor of that comes from the suggestion of developing games…!”

During this time, Chiaki seems to be moved by something and tried to continue excitedly. Crap, …if I do nothing, I think she will continue to talk about “the reason why she loves me.” What a creative way for harassment.

After I cleared my throat loudly, I decided to stop this discussion.

“I-I get it! Yep, Chiaki, how should I put this, I roughly understood why you love- No, uh, well, w-why you like me. It’s okay now.”

“R-Really? I’m glad to hear that.”