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I welcomed Sudou to the group after saying so to Horikita.

The reunited study group began, and it started off pretty smoothly.

Of course, no one really found studying fun or was really delighted to be studying, but everyone worked hard so that they wouldn’t have to drop out of school. The stupid trio, unlike their usual selves, frantically repeated the problems on the blackboard, twisting their necks as they tried to understand. Sudou occasionally was on the brink of dozing off, but for the sake of becoming a basketball pro, he just barely stayed awake during class. He was earnestly chasing after a far-fetched dream that some people would laugh at. Most of us first-years, who had just only gotten out of middle school, didn’t have any dreams yet. Many have only briefly thought, “What will I be when I grow up?”, but nothing more. In comparison, Sudou, who’s already working towards his dream, is a praiseworthy person.

Anyway, how does this school even define and measure ability?

At the very least, it’s not measured only by academic ability.

That’s obvious when you see that Ike, Sudou, and I were all accepted.

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If you’re admitted for something other than your academic ability, though, you have to make sure to never get failing marks. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like to me.

If the system itself isn’t a lie, then there aren’t many possible answers.

Or are they making difficult problems for Ike and Sudou so they can overcome them?

That question arose in my mind. Well, it probably doesn’t have such a simple answer. Both the lessons and the small test are harder than what Sudou and the others can solve.

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After the morning classes ended, Horikita looked down at ther notes with a small nod. It looks like she’s satisfied with the notes she took.

Even if it’s teaching the stupid trio, Horikita will definitely do her best to create the best results. It’s only natural because she wants to improve the class’ score and raise the ability of the students.

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However, we’re not aiming for full marks. All we want is for Ike and the others to pass.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch, Ike and the others ran for their lives. Lunch is 45 minutes long. After eating, it was promised that everyone would meet in the library for 20 minutes to study.

At first, we planned to study in the classroom, but since it would be noisy, it was decided that we would study in the library so that we could concentrate better.

However, I think that the real reason was so that Horikita could avoid Hirata. Hirata’s group usually discusses study methods for after school during lunch. If we were nearby, we would probably be able to overhear everything they say. She probably doesn’t want that.