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It's precisely because she truly feels that way rather than putting up an act that she questions him so openly.

Seeing an opportunity, I made my next move.

"I did indeed reveal my identity. But that won't come back to bite me immediately. The only ones who know that I've been manipulating Class D from the shadows would be Horikita and Karuizawa. If the other classes come to know of this, it could only have been one of you who leaked it".

"And what's the problem with that?".

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"If you're going to reveal my existence then I'll report everything that happened on this rooftop to the school".

"You've just been cornered because you aren't capable of doing that".

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"I can do that. I just have to sacrifice Karuizawa".


"You assumed I'd abandon Karuizawa. But when I showed up you started talking based on the assumption that this wasn't the case. Am I wrong?".

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"Now that doesn't add up. If you had abandoned her from the beginning, you may have been able to conceal your identity. You came because that wasn't an option. Don't bluff now".

"It's fine.....if they know about Kiyotaka then they can also reveal my secret".

While slowly pushing herself back up from the floor, Karuizawa looked at me.