Is the mobile phone plus WeChat online make money?

Is the mobile phone plus WeChat online make money?

To him, I…I…


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I raised my head and looked at him with my eyes full of years. After that, I shouted loudly.

“The fight with the Star Dragon Novajak is really memorable for both of us! However, if we’re talking about the history of our alliance, we must mention the following battle with the Ghost God Bolger! After all, we were wrecked so hard from start to finish! We put even more time into GOM because we’re unwilling to admit defeat there! So, we acted as if we’re sharing the same brain at the following multiplayer battle, The Attack of the Four Legendary Beasts! I had a great time there!”

“Chiaki…? How did you…know all of that…? Ah, did you hear that from Konoha-san…No, even if that’s true, you’re way too familiar…”

Keita was shocked by that. As for me, …I continued.

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“However, the most memorable event for me…is still the rescue mission with a harsh time limit…in this year’s spring. That was my first time…to send a message to you…I managed to send it after I mustered my entire life’s courage.”

“…Don’t tell me…”

Keita seems to be finally understanding what’s going on.

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I made up my mind…and put my hands behind me as I gave Keita a sincerely gratifying smile.

“Thanks for everything.”