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What had he done for the entire day?

After exchanging some pleasantries, Pei Qian assigned some short term tasks for Huang Sibo.

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To play games!

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The type of games he could play? No restrictions!

However he wanted to play them? No restrictions!

Huang Sibo had never come across a company as such.

In his previous company, playing games was something that was strictly prohibited!

No games during office hours!

The reason was simple – a gaming company was not a place to play games, but a place to create them.

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It was a given that playing games would result in a drop in productivity. That was the reason why many game companies would forbid their employees from playing games. In fact, some companies would even go to the extent of forbidding them from playing their own company’s games.

Yet, wasn’t that ridiculous?

If they did not play their own game, how would they know what needed to be changed?

However, those incidents that may seem as though they came from magical realism were in fact rather common everywhere.

That was the reason why Huang Sibo was initially fearful when he joined Tengda.

After all, has anyone seen a gaming company where the employees knock off at 5pm?

Seated next to him was a bro called Bao Xu.

Even though Huang Sibo could not tell of Bao Xu’s exact age, through the receding hairline, he assumed that this was a senior.

But of course, even though he was at the work desk beside Bao Xu, their actual distance was about 3-4 metres away.