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March 30th, Wednesday...

Over the past two days, players of GOG had been extremely happy.

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At midnight last night, the results for the first Spring Competition of the first season had finally been locked in. Today, all the rewards had been distributed. The entire event was now at its peak!

There were posts discussing the event everywhere online. Of course, some doubted how real the winners’ skills were. After all, there was no such thing as perfectly fair competition in the world, and sour grapes made others feel jealous of the lucky winners.

Still, this noise only formed a minority of the discussions online.

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The competition had been public, fair, and transparent. Although it was possible that some had cozied up to powerful people, those who placed among the first five hundred within such a short period must have had some real skills.

Given the short period, actors and workspaces could not react quickly enough. Before they could generate enough influence, the results had been locked in and the prizes had been distributed.

The players who had won prizes celebrated joyously. They shared their results and their awards and paraded their prizes around the internet. This made everything more exciting and GOG more popular. All in all, everyone was over the moon. The players won money, GOG became more popular, and Boss Pei scattered his coins.

However, while others were unconditionally happy, Boss Pei’s happiness was mixed with deep worry. That was because he realized that the game had become much more popular than he had imagined.

Pei Qian felt like he was beginning to lose control!

Thus, the intelligent Boss Pei gave Hu Xianbin an important task yesterday. He asked the latter to analyze the results of the competition and write a detailed report for him.

On the surface, it looked like he was just giving Hu Xianbin an assignment. However, in reality, Boss Pei wanted to understand what exactly had happened.

He had to admit that Hu Xianbin was extremely efficient. Pei Qian had already received the report today.

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However, after reading it, his heart turned cold.

During the short and intense competition period, the number of active players on GOG’S mobile game and client-side game kept increasing rapidly.

The temptation of earning a hundred thousand yuan with just a week’s worth of effort had been hard for gamers to resist. Many people’s rational minds told them that they would not be able to win a hundred thousand yuan, but their wishful thinking pushed them to try anyway.

GOG’s generous competition prizes attracted hoards of new gamers, who had never played this genre of games before. In addition, the game’s AI made sure that even new gamers had a good gaming experience.