Online task to make money tutorial

Online task to make money tutorial

This model had hidden dangers as well. Ocean Stronghold dug its own grave the other time!

Then, the players who could not obtain the limited edition weapons bought Red Kilin frantically to get credit. As a result, the income from Ocean Stronghold skyrocketed!

It was the same this time. If he were to sell his mobile phones this way, the consumers would be able to spend their money on other industries related to Tengda and do everything possible to increase their credit value.

There was still a lot of money to be made and even more hidden dangers!

The popularity of Ocean Stronghold was not decreasing even until now. The players were extremely sticky; a large part of the reason was this consumption model.

Pei Qian was in despair. This was also a dead-end!

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Did it mean I can only mass-produce in tears to stop the scalpers in their tracks?

Calm down, I cannot lose hope at any time. There must be a better way to solve this!

Pei Qian’s brain was running fast, lost in thoughts.

There were only two ways of making limited edition items. Either everyone snatched them up depending on their hand speed, which was tantamount to surrendering to the scalpers. Pei Qian would rather make more money than to make it easy for these blood-sucking assh*les.

Otherwise, it was the use of ‘credit value’. Tengda’s consumers could obtain higher purchasing authority. Once they had it, they could only be bound to the benefits and not be able to resell them. This was also possible to wash the scalpers away.

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This route had been used in Ocean Stronghold. It could indeed fend off the influence of scalpers to a large extent, but it could not make him less profit. It would cause consumers to consume more in Tengda’s other sectors.