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Holding an assault rifle, a soldier ran through a snowy battlefield. The character was breathing heavily, and the screen had a whitish tint from the snow.

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Coming out of my dash, I slowly advanced by making the soldier lean against the wall with his left shoulder. There were gunshots in the distance. I can’t confirm where the enemy is, though.

“(…Let’s go.)”

Making sure that the soldier had enough stamina, I broke out into a sprint once again.

However, in that next second—


Suddenly, the whole screen turned red, and my soldier collapsed onto the snow. At the same time, the win conditions were reached and the game ended. The screen played the winning play of the game—in other words, it was a replay of my character.

…but that was not the case. The replay showed my soldier recklessly turning the street corner, meeting an enemy who was waiting for someone to show up with his knife, and getting killed silently.

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…My mistake was perfectly timed.

I felt sorry towards my teammates for losing the game. If we consider my record, I did my fair share of contribution towards the team. However, since I lost the game by dying stupidly, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated

“Tendo.” “Yea…”

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At the urging of Kase-senpai, who was one of my teammates, we both left the online match. Right then, I completely used up all of my concentration, and at last, felt like I returned to the real world.

As usual, it was the Gamers Club’s clubroom. Kase-senpai and I were using two monitors to play FPS games, while Oiso-senpai and Misumi-kun were playing fighting games on handheld gaming consoles. …And like always, the two first-year girl ghost members were absent.