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But the problem was, how was that even possible at this juncture?

GOG had only been created less than a year ago, and the country had not recognized E-Sports at all. To be able to get such a high sponsorship fee was already ridiculous to Pei Qian!

However, on further thought, this made sense.

Due to the popularity of the GOG World Finals, everyone could see the huge potential of the E-Sports competition. On top of that, the GPL was so well done that there were almost no competitors.

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What’s more, Shenhua and the other big companies had entered the scene one after another. News of the sky-high prices of GPL spots had been constantly stirring the audiences’ senses. When the sponsors saw the advertising effect brought about by the huge popularity and compared it to the price of traditional sports, they felt that it was very worth it and naturally entered the scene.

Pei Qian silently calculated in his heart that the GPL would most likely be able to earn hundreds of millions of yuan through various sponsors and broadcasting rights for the spring and summer competitions.

The good news was that hundreds of millions of yuan would be earned throughout the year. It would be easier to accept if the money was distributed every month.

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The bad news was that the sponsorship fees would be higher next year.

After some consideration, Pei Qian realized that he could not push the money away.

Since that was the case, he had to let Zhang Yuan know that the sponsors had to pay in installments and distribute the money each month. He could not transfer all of the money at once, especially not at the critical juncture before settlement.

Otherwise, Boss Pei would die on the spot.

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“Is there anything else?” Pei Qian felt a little tired.

The Manage Loss Manager pondered for a moment. “Oh, there’s another small matter. It’s about FV Club. I heard that Long Yu Corporation has arranged for domestic teams to train in Los Angeles, but they left FV team behind...”

Wu Yue called Zhang Yuan to discuss this matter. The Manage Loss Trainee knew about it since there was no need to keep it a secret.

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

How could this be a small matter?

Spending money was no small matter!