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"You have enough self-control then?"

I asked a bit mischievously. She puffed up her cheeks then glared at me.

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"That is… not easy. Whenever I end up spending them, they last less that one week I guess."

Karuizawa raised her hands, counting down the things she wanted with her fingers. All her fingers were bent down in no time at all. How many things did she wish for again?

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"It’s not that I’m not thinking at all you know. Even I know how precious the private points are. The school system is kinda weird right. You receive like exaggeratedly many points during the special exams. The others are also perplexed about it."

I see, it seems the suspicion has finally spread among the regular students. If you receive large amounts of money, of course you will be wary. Asking themselves why the school would do this. Then they will understand. That these points are not only used to fulfil one’s private desires or benefits.

"Yeah, suddenly giving out 1-2 million points worth of money."

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"That’s it, is it fine handing over so much money to high schoolers? That’s definitely not normal."

Most of the points will probably be necessary to "survive" at this school. Having realised this, Karuizawa was hesitating on whether it was fine to spend them from now on. This is just an example but if you were in a situation where you would be expelled, there may be an implied chance that one could use those private points to nullify it. Following this, having a few million points as insurance couldn’t be underestimated.

"There’s no use thinking too much over this. Thinking too far ahead and forgetting to satisfy one’s desires is also bad. It’s enough if you save 10-20%!o(MISSING)f your monthly points."

It was important to maintain a balance between desire and moderation else you will break. Especially for Karuizawa who had been spending her points freely until now. Sealing her desires so suddenly was bad, I judged. There is also the fact that if her daily life suddenly changed, her surroundings may also be affected. If a girl who had been scattering money started living in frugality, her class may get suspicious. She may have a connection with me but it’s still far too early to let others know.

"Well then, there is one thing I want to request of you."