Is it true that the online opening of the Internet is true?

Is it true that the online opening of the Internet is true?

There would be more than ten more mouths to feed, and Huang Wang and the others were very well-built. They had big appetites, and so Pei Qian could expect to spend thousands of yuan more. It was quite worth it.

Although Pei Qian did not really want to see them, there was no harm in welcoming them because they would help him to spend more money.

Soon after, Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the others arrived.

The empty seats at the two big tables were all filled up. Once Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the other members sat down; they wanted to catch up and exchange pleasantries. However, Boss Pei stopped them almost immediately.

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“Stop talking so much. Eat!”

For fear that the members would boast so much that the new members would become renewed with a fighting spirit, Pei Qian stopped them and hoped that they would sit down, lower their heads, eat, and not say anything more.

Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the others exchanged a confused look. However, since Boss Pei had spoken, they had no choice but to eat.

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One by one, they began to wolf down their food as well.

The new members of the DGE Club could not help but stare at them.

It was one thing for their gaming skills to be incomparable to their seniors, but now their eating skills were proving incomparable as well!

We have to work harder!

Soon, everyone had eaten to their heart’s content.

Pei Qian looked at the table covered with empty glasses, bowls, and plates and then nodded, satisfied.

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Yes, there’s a benefit to making these men train until they’re so muscular. At least their appetite has grown considerably!

Now that their appetites were bigger, they could eat more, and the bill would be more expensive.

Others would have felt heartache upon seeing such a huge bill, but Boss Pei would be elated.

The DGE Club’s new and old members leaned back on their chairs, looking like corpses. They rubbed their full bellies and began to chat.