Is online writing part-time money?

Is online writing part-time money?

Rui Yuchen fell into silence at the other end of the phone. It seemed like Boss Pei could always propose something even more radical than him.

Only existing users with good credit could taste the food from the Food Harmony brand, and an advanced appointment had to be made two hours in advance. The price was two to three times more expensive than ordinary Fish-Catching Take-Out.

Rui Yuchen’s initial goal might be to make it a high-end takeaway brand, but he still felt that this step was a little too big.

It would be a painful fall if he wasn’t careful. However, it did not seem appropriate if he did not follow Boss Pei’s guidance.

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“Alright, Boss Pei, we’ll do it the way you mentioned. I will conduct pilot runs in several major Fish-Catching Take-Out stores and report the situation to you again in a week...” Rui Yuchen replied.

Pei Qian smiled and nodded. “Okay, go. We’ll decide next week if we will extend the Food Harmony model to the rest of the Fish-Catching Take-Out stores.”

At the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch at Ming Yun Villas during the night...

Qiao Liang drank coffee and checked the reviews on the internet about the Thriller Hostel. His brows furrowed and relaxed from time to time.

At present, there were not many reviews about the Thriller Hostel. It was not comparable to the situation when Tengda’s new games were released. There were basically no awkward bad comments about them, but neither were there huge praises.

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Qiao Liang could feel that something was not right.

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It was not necessarily a good thing to have no bad comments. It was also possible there was no enthusiasm for discussion since there was not enough interest!

That meant to say that not everyone understood the hard work that Boss Pei put into the Thriller Hostel.

If this situation were to continue, then the results would be obvious: the Thriller Hostel would be gradually abandoned due to the lack of traffic, and it would be ruined!

Qiao Liang knew that he would never allow something like that to happen.

His greatest mission was to make everyone understand Boss Pei’s intentions!

He quickly scanned through these comments and locked onto some representative points of view.