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That would be deep trouble!

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Seeing Teacher Qiao’s expression, Pei Qian instantly thought of the worst-case scenario. No way; this can’t be it!

Boss Pei was adept at making remedies. Now that he had already noticed a crisis, how could he sit and do nothing?

Pei Qian thought for a moment and had an idea.

Qiao Liang was sipping his cocktail as he thought about how to continue progressing in the game when he realized that Boss Pei had come.

“Boss Pei!”

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Qiao Liang was full of smiles. After his ‘misunderstanding had been cleared’, he viewed Boss Pei akin to his relative and was especially warm.

Pei Qian smiled slightly as he pulled a chair over. Although he had no warm feelings for Teacher Qiao at the moment, he still tried his best to maintain a smile outwardly.

After all, he still had to squeeze more value out of Teacher Qiao. A week had passed since Teacher Qiao had arrived in Jingzhou. Besides the weekend, he would have played around forty-odd hours of the game.

Repent and be Saved’s game content wasn’t as varied as the Souls series. Based on his preliminary estimates, more seasoned players would be able to complete the main game story in thirty-odd hours.

If it were players who were perfectionists and they wanted to finish the entire game and go through every single detail and aspect of it, the required gameplay time could be extended to fifty to sixty hours.

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If a player was a newbie… the amount of time needed would be very long.

As Teacher Qiao had not been used to the game at the start and kept on dying repeatedly and getting lost while he was also a perfectionist, he had only progressed till the current stage after over forty hours of gameplay. He had finished about 60%!o(MISSING)f the game now.