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No, it was really encouraging.

In addition, I was injected with two wonderful spirits called reviews.

Thank you very much.

Please continue to mercilessly screw it in and pierce it!

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Translated by: Sads07

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“Pump up? What is that? Do you still have another hand, Mr. Machio?”

“It’s not really another hand, but a technique I didn’t want to use if possible. It would put me in danger.”


“But, I knew that if I didn’t, you’d be out of my reach and I’d end up a disappointment.”

“No... I think you’re splendid enough...”

Although I pointed out his weaknesses, Mr. Machio was still strong enough to boast that much skill and that much power.

“It’s risky and... I can’t help but be reminded of the past... so...... I didn’t want to show it to Tsukshi... but right now, it’s more important to respond to you.”

But that’s not the end of it.

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Not yet, Mr. Machio still had more to give, and I understood that he wasn’t bluffing.