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Come to think of it, this whole thing started after I kicked her. I finally remembered.

(..Hmm? From the side?)

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Although I wasn’t totally convinced, she continued on her own.

“So, …initially, I wanted to take this chance and rout you fair and square.”

Ah, that’s why she gave off that thorny vibe? I understand now.

I bitterly smiled at her confession that almost sounds a bit adorable. “No, I made a mistake in the first place…” I even tried to comfort her.

However, …she interrupted me and continued.

“Yes, I wanted to help her- defeat you at first.”


Ao and my gasp overlapped each other. …She just said she’s trying to help her?

For a moment, I don’t understand what did she say. But…

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“…Eh, don’t tell me, you…”

Then, I slowly figured out the situation.

She -the high school girl that “impersonated” SALT01519, answered. “Yes.” After that, she reached her hand toward her cap and hoodie.

“Yes. I’m not SALT0519. …The account SALT01519-“

After the shadow covering her face disappeared when she took the cap and hoodie away, I can see…her gorgeous blue eyes below.