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Is it true that the online mobile phone verification code makes money?

Wasn’t this a stable version of the DEMO?

There were no more malignant bugs after revising it more than a dozen times, right?

Xi Hao looked at Old Yu, that gaze meant: What’s going on? Why did you drop the ball at the critical moment?

Old Yu was also very innocent. He spread his hands, meaning: How the hell would I know!

This stable demo had not been revised for a long time. Everything was working fine previously.

The atmosphere was a little awkward when the error came on. Xi Hao quickly said, “Small bugs, small bugs. These are unavoidable problems during the development of the game.”

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“Old Yu, quickly take a screenshot of this bug and edit it as soon as possible. Don’t let it affect the official version.”

Old Yu nodded. “Aye! No problem.”

Tang Yishu played with the controller while Old Yu stood at the side and used the mouse to take the screenshot. He quickly created a new form to record the bug to await for further edits.

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Then, he closed the error window and resumed the game.

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Tang Yishu entered the game again. This time, there were no bugs after running for a minute.

Xi Hao wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “Look, that was a small bug that appeared out of nowhere. It doesn’t appear every time. Today should be a coincidence. There should be no prob...”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the small person on the screen being beaten to death by a group of small monsters. However, there was no new option to choose from. The game flow was stuck.