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Meng Yu was short and quiet but very reliable at critical moments. He had camouflage patterns all over his battle uniform.

Zhao Yongxiu, who sometimes made people feel that he was very childish, was frivolous, a little prideful, and very good at adjusting the team’s atmosphere. The painting on his battle uniform looked like mecha, which was rather handsome.

Wu Shaojun, tall and big, straightforward, and the eldest. He was the most trustworthy teammate. There were no special patterns on his combat uniform, but many tears which were not mended.

The outline of the story was clearly written in the general plot flow, but some details were not perfect enough. That included lines, etc. which were not given.

It was only the first edition after all. Further improvements were needed. Wang Xiaobin’s opinions were also important.

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The structure of the plot was very simple. It was divided into five parts. Each part was composed of real-time cutscene CG and in-game battles.

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This was the only downloadable content attached to Ocean Stronghold. Time was very tight so there was no need to do that kind of particularly detailed cutscenes CG, just use real-time calculations.

The first part:

Team AS-371-45 successfully infiltrated the Zerg’s nest to clean up the larvae and workers.

There was not a lot of Zergs because it was located in the periphery of the worm nest and the number of Zergs was not a lot. It would not matter to kill all of them directly if it was found by larvae or worker bees so the battle was relatively simple.

During the mission, all team members could communicate in real time through voice chat. They would discuss their actions and look forward to killing the Zerg queen to end the war.

Artificial intelligence would continuously give orders to the protagonist, analyze the battlefield situation, and guide the protagonist to make correct decisions.

The second part:

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After entering deep into the nest, they began to encounter more and more powerful Zergs, including hatching spring worms and self-exploding worms. The difficulty of the battle in this stage was gradually increasing. Most of the time, correct strategies must be adopted. For example, the handling of self-explosive insects carefully; otherwise, the splashing of acid on a large scale after the insect were to explode would cause serious damage to the players.

At this point, the players began to encounter some troubles and needed to help each other out. However, their overall mentality was still relatively positive.

Artificial intelligence would still be guiding the protagonist to make the best decisions and follow the suggestions of artificial intelligence, which would significantly reduce the difficulty of combat.

The third part: