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The atmosphere was peculiar, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

“You never had the vibe of an ordinary student, Ayanokouji, but that was quite the trick you hid up your sleeve. Getting a perfect score on that test!”

Katsuragi, who hadn’t even talked to me once since the beginning of the 2nd year, suddenly got down to business.

“Kuku, don’t admire him too much, Katsuragi– that’s in the past.”

“The past? You ought to be careful when an unexpectedly strong enemy appears. You’ve gotten too cocky after defeating Ichinose’s Class B.”

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“Fuck off. Ichinose was off sinking on her own, she was never even on my radar.”

Sure enough, this unexpected combination of people immediately built up a sinister atmosphere.

“…So? Tell me why you called me.”

Katsuragi’s words confirmed that Ryuuen was the host of this meeting, and so I waited with him for Ryuuen to speak.

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“What’s the hurry? Just chill man!”

“There’s no way I can chill. if people see me with you, I’ll be in trouble.”

Katsuragi was concerned about the people around him, so it wasn’t surprising that he urged Ryuuen to get to the point.

Even though it was the morning of a day off, there were still a lot of students around.