Is there a danger of talking about making money?

Is there a danger of talking about making money?

Pei Qian was elated.

This was a historic step!

This was the result of a spending spree that was in accordance with the long-lasting, successful principle of ‘I don’t want the best; I want the most expensive’!

All subsequent spending could be unconditionally transferred to become his personal wealth!

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Pei Qian’s smile, however, was viewed differently in the eyes of his employees.

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Lin Wan was very emotional.

Ocean Stronghold had been so successful; based on a conservative estimate, Boss Pei probably earned more than two million a month.

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Yet, he was so thrifty?!

Wu Zhicheng was stunned. “Boss Pei? Which Boss Pei? Why should I thank him?”

Qiu Hong was stunned. His heart dropped in that instant.

This is bad!

Why did he have to say that outloud!

Boss Pei had repeatedly warned them not to make any connections between the Destitution Plan and with Tengda. They had to keep it a secret.

Qiu Hong implemented the ‘Destitution Plan’ and provided financial assistance to independent games studios in his own name. He did not mention Boss Pei and Tengda’s names.