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Rebal’s jaw, then nose, bash the ear and at the moment he flinches hit the jaw again.

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『Kuku, fuhahahahaha, unable to even activate your skills? The initial motions of the Sword Saint’s Successor are too obvious to the child today.』

Yes, I won’t allow the opponent to even activate their skills.

In other words, I crush the initial motions.

With my current eyesight, I picked up on all of Rebal’s initial motions for his techniques and understood them.

On the other hand, I rock my shoulders and feet in small increments, and by swinging my left like a pendulum, I try not to telegraph the initial motions and shoot the left in the movement.

A technique for throwing a punch, not increasing the power of the punch.

『Yes, the biggest weapon in a fight is... the left jab, delivered when the left side of the body is facing forward. A weapon that is closest to your opponent and can strike at their head in the shortest possible time. In addition, the flicker’s trajectory, which lowers at the left, seems like a whip and flies diagonally from below, is invisible to him.』

Imperial style also has martial arts. However, that mold was discarded completely by the spars with Tre’ainar.

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『Even if you learn impractical kicks and exaggerated punches, it makes no sense if you lack the process necessary to land the hit. In that respect, the left jab is effective in the assembly of attacks, in principle, in all aspects. Also...... by continuously hitting with the left, it becomes..... a weapon sufficiently capable of killing.』

Rebal’s torso wavers as the activation of his technique is suppressed.

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The opening is too enticing, I jump in without patience.

『And now, on the left, destroy your opponent, strike with the accumulated cannon! 』

A quick step-in, right fist towards Rebal. No...... Wait.


Is Rebal about to snap? He’s going to open up the part of himself he’s hidden within.

I understood that in advance.