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“Surpass him… I’ve never thought about that.”

When I was a kid, I said, ‘I’m going to be a hero like my father’, but I also said, ‘I’m going to be more than my father’. No……

“No…There was, that time.”

『Hmm? 』

No, when I was a kid, I said it without thinking.

– Fu is the best wizard in the world! Rebal is the best swordsman in the world! Phianse is the best spearmaster in the world! And I’m going to be the strongest ultra hero in the world, better than my father!

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So, a childish dream, and in a sense the origin.

I already knew the answer.

“Haha…… no way…. this…… to think I would ever remember this…”

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I laughed at the mere recollection.

At that time, it was a pure child’s dream that said out loud without thinking deeply about it.

However, I gradually lost my confidence and stopped speaking.

To think I would remember it in this way and be able to do it.

“Okay… bring it on.”

Suddenly I noticed it, something was boiling up from deep within me.

A feeling that fired me up.

“I’m not an ultra hero, but…but still… let’s become ‘something’ that surpasses my father!!”

Easy to simply say I’ll surpass him, but there are many aspects.