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「…I see. So you are Allen Rodore.」

Rodis-san took a glance at me, slipped through the opposing president and stood in front of me.

「I am Rodis Arcstria. My position is… No, exaggerated titles are inconsequential on this occasion. There is something I have to say to you no matter what.」

「W-What might it be?」

He looked at me for about three seconds, and slowly opened his heavy lips.

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「I won’t give you my daughter.」


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「There’s no use playing dumb. I’ve known for a long time that you are in an unusually close relationship with my daughter.」

「Eh, err…?」

『Unusually close relationship』? What does that mean?

When I was at a loss as to how to respond, Rodis-san grit his teeth and began to tremble.

「My daughter… talks about you every single day… with a really happy look on her face, too!」

「H-Hey, father!? What the hell are you talking about!?」

The president blushed and strongly shook Rodis-san’s shoulder.

But his mouth showed no signs of stopping.

「And the other day, “I’m going to invite him on a date” is–」

「-Waa-, waa-, waa-, waa-!」

The president shouted and blocked Rodis-san’s mouth.

Her face was dyed bright red up to her ears, where it seemed like she could start spitting fire any second now.