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“Hey, maybe you’re going to be participating in the tournament too?”

The black-haired guy asked me. So, I…

“Oh. Forcibly, but still.”

“That’s right. Then I’ll pay you back for what you did to Chiyo today.”

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Discipline … So accidental pantsu…… Well, there was a time when I never wanted Sadiz to show what’s under her skirt to any man but me, so I don’t know…

“Oh yeah~, for making your girlfriend cry.”

“Girlfriend? Who?”

…… I don’t want to wait three months, I want to bludgeon him now. This guy is not very smart, is he? Why don’t you understand the flow of the current conversation? He’s missing an important thought process as a person…

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『For you of all people to say that…』

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Hmm, what’s wrong with Tre’ainar? Why are you looking at me with pitiful eyes there?

“Oh yeah? Girlfriend? Oh, hey, we look like that! Even though he’s a pervert, he’s a good judge of character! Yes, and eventually… Hehe, I’m Chiyo! ‘Chiyo Lowing’. I’ll be the wife of the strongest man in the country, so remember that!”

However, being so happy about my remark, the girl was suddenly smiling and huffing.

But even if you introduce yourself, I’m not going to remember it.