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Pei Qian opened a new document after settling the summer’s promotional matters.

A commendation letter for Bao Xu’s outstanding employee!

“All departments and subsidiaries of the company:”

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“Tengda Corporation is developing steadily and healthily under the joint efforts of all employees. During this process, a group of outstanding employees who worked hard for the company, were happy to contribute, and had outstanding results emerged.”

“During the preparation process of the snack market, Bao Xu of the games department used the game design concept to determine the unique overall style, operation mechanism, and a large number of details of the snack market. This might not be his job but he still worked hard and did his best.”

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“This spirit of discarding the sectarian views of the various departments, selfless contributions, and helping each other is worth all employees learning seriously!”

“I hope that Bao Xu will continue to work hard and achieve better results. At the same time, I hope that all the employees in the company will learn from Bao Xu. They will be able to develop thoughts, improve actively, and contribute to the communication between the various departments!”

There was also a signature, time, and company stamp.

Pei Qian had no doubt that Bao Xu would not be able to escape the fate of traveling again as long as this notice was sent to the company’s internal group chat.

Obviously, even though Bao Xu was dangerous, it was still very difficult for him to get first place.

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That was because the snack market was not a key project in itself. It could not be compared to projects like Mission and Choice. Bao Xu was not the first person-in-charge even in the snack market. His contribution was only on par with Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan.

Thus, Bao Xu would most likely not be the top outstanding employee.

However, the chances of second place were greatly increased!

This notice was equivalent to giving Bao Xu a strong sense of existence in front of all the employees in the company.

Most of them only had achievements in their own posts; they would only have cross-departmental achievements when there were collaborations.