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Come to think of it, do the readers of the original <Gamers!> feel the same way sometimes? If that’s the case, I’m sincerely sorry. However, the games that appeared in the book are almost all my favorite ones. Please try them if you love gaming but haven’t tried those yet! <Gamers!> also has a list of recommendations from Sekina Aoi! …Uh, I guess it would be annoying to include them without asking for permission.

Right, speaking of games, I should talk about board games sometimes. Although the <Gamers!> anime didn’t really talk about board games (card games, non-digital games), the author sometimes plays them.

The hardest part of these games is that you have to find more people, no matter what. It’s not as convenient as digital games. In comparison, these games don’t need you to be good at using controllers. Naturally, it’s suitable to play with your relatives, not to mention friends. From a <Gamers!>’s perspective, it counts as a game where Tendou-san and Aguri can fight on equal ground. …Uh, I feel like Aguri’s better at board games (my own impression).

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The unbelievable part is with the “mobile version” with the same rules and real-life board games. Those two have really different impressions. From my personal interest’s perspective, it’s more exciting to play on boards and cards. It’s really something where even a gamer like me considered that to be better.

I don’t know why that is the case too. If it’s about counting the score or preparation, some part of the mobile version feels less stressful. However, I guess you can emotionally attach more when you can touch the pieces or cards.

Ah, from this point, even though I don’t play often, it’s easier to understand with mahjong. While mahjong games are way more convenient, the texture of real mahjong pieces must have their actual worth.

…Even though the best part of mobile is that you can play with CPUs alone for a loner like me! The mobile version is the best!

Well, now that I’m done with mobile, let’s talk about ways to kill time when traveling.

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A guy like me will often dream when my work or trip forced me into a Shinkansen or plane for a long time. “I should read that book.” “I should try that game out.” However, I will feel this every time I got on a vehicle. “Nevermind, I’m dizzy.” “…I’m not working anyways. Should I take a nap? Hmm…” “Oh, I think we’re already here.” This happens every time.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this unable-to-use-traveling-time-efficiently syndrome. When I see the working class that is always typing information into their laptops on Shinkansen, I feel like my way of life is outdated. I want to die. Even though I have the perfect excuse of “Now’s the time to think about my light novel, yes!” I reluctantly managed to lie to myself every time.

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Also, sleeping is an efficient way to kill traveling time as well, but I’m the insomniac type. It’s a pain when I can’t sleep right away on the plane. Well, it looks like I’m sleeping- The flight attendant started handing out drinks immediately right when I felt that. …Uh, it should be alright for me to ignore it temporarily. But, how should I say this? Perhaps it’s because I’m a petty person. I feel like I should always grab a drink if I’m awake.

In the end, I accomplished nothing, yet I still get motion sickness. Then, I arrive at the destination with an exhausted body. …That’s how I live.

I already don’t know what I should do.

It can’t be helped. I’m venting out this depression the next time I’m traveling. Right, I should think about the content of <Gamers!> Volume 10. So, if the relationship drama in Volume 10 is tangled up especially, “Ah, Sekina Aoi must’ve traveled…” Please forgive me, everyone. …I think Amano and his friends won’t accept this way of deciding their relationship.

Well, well, here’s the appreciation speech.