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So, just in case, I had to take every single <Student Council’s Discretion> out and flip the pages. After that-

“Ah, senpai. Please take off the cover too.”


I followed her instructions and checked the inside after taking off the cover. …Of course, there’s nothing inside. Yep, I carefully slipped the cover back and checked the next one.


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It takes around 10 seconds to check one book. I took a look at the inside of the box. There are nearly a hundred novels inside. In other words, I’ll have to spend a thousand seconds- more than 15 minutes to check it patiently. At the same time, there are tens of boxes I haven’t checked yet.

I raised my head and looked at the clock on the wall. It’s almost 6 PM. I arrived here at 4:30. So, it’s been nearly one hour and a half.

I gulped and made up my mind. Here goes the unusual suggestion for a passerby loner.

“…Uh, Konoha-san? It would be the best to find more people-“

However, Konoha-san didn’t even stop after hearing that. She hmphed and answered.

“Ho, this is a newbie in a relationship. Sigh.”

“A newbie in a relationship.”

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It’s quite a refreshingly new word for a loner. Konoha-san continued.