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If I was allowed to freely use the points they’d be giving me, it’s only natural that I’d use them to secure my place in Class A in the end. Class B wouldn’t be able to bolster their forces in the meantime by adding me to their class.

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“Additionally, Ishizaki-kun did say that it’d be fine so long as Ayanokouji-kun joins up with somebody from Class B, but there’s a problem with that as well. Surviving on the uninhabited island won’t be a one-man effort. If you’re really aiming for the top spot, you’ll be better off with a strong team to back you up.”

Hiyori, who had mostly just been quietly listening to the discussion unfold before this, brought up the shortcomings one after another.

And, with each correction, Ishizaki began to panic, his brow visibly dampened with sweat.

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“Th-then anyone would be fine!”

“If it was up to me to choose the small group Hmm. Ryuuen-kun, Kaneda-kun, and Ayanokouji-kun, those three. It’s fine if Kaneda-kun is replaced by Yamada-kun, but Ryuuen-kun is indispensable.”

There were only a few people in the 2nd year who had his authority, and were bold enough to create tactics that would break the rules without hesitation. This fact that he was the only one from his class who stayed behind in last year’s island exam, and went unnoticed till the last minute, was a testament to his ability and value. The other choices would be Kaneda who possessed high academic ability or Albert who prided himself on his iron fist.

Indeed, in order to maximise the odds, having two of those three would be necessary.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Do you think Ryuuen-kun will ever approve of our plan!?”

“I don’t think he will.”


“Kaneda-kun is the same, he won’t ignore Ryuuen-kun’s orders and participate in a strategy he’s unsure of.”

“Then what should we do?”