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"There isn't much time left until we reach our destination. How you choose to utilize this time is up to you. Once we arrive, I will be collecting the materials I've handed out. Also, the use of cell phones will be forbidden for a week. I'll be confiscating them soon. Other than that, you're free to bring along daily necessities and gaming equipment but you won't be allowed to bring along foodstuff. Things that cannot be stored long term, such as meat, will have to be either eaten before arrival or thrown away in the garbage bag upon alighting. That is all".

Students who did not give much of a reaction to the explanation of the special exam raised their voices at that.

Although they've already experienced the same thing on the uninhabited island, it must be difficult having your phone confiscated for a week.

"I have a question!".

Ike excitedly raised his hand. Chabashira gives a bitter smile.

"You said boys and girls will be separated but exactly how far apart will we be?".

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"There are two buildings at the outdoor school. The main building will be used by the boys and the other one will be used by the girls. The buildings are next to one another but in theory, you will be living apart from each other for a week. You won't be allowed to go outside without permission during recess and after school either".

"So that means we won't be able to talk to one another?".

"No, each day for an hour at the cafeteria in the main building, both boys and girls will have their meals together. It's only within that period that the school won't issue any instructions. In other words, you're free to do whatever you want then. Do you understand?".

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Perhaps he's just that happy to be able to talk to girls, as Ike rejoiced.

I got up a bit and turned to look at Shinohara, who's sitting nearby. As I did, I noticed that despite looking exasperated, she appeared somewhat happy to hear Ike's words.

Perhaps that Christmas dinner worked out.

"If there aren't any more questions then I'll be ending this".

Maybe she decided that only silly questions would be forthcoming as Chabashira wrapped things up immediately.