Is it true that WeChat Alipay make money?

Is it true that WeChat Alipay make money?

Since that was the case, there was even less of a need for GPL exclusive broadcasting rights.

Pei Qian would not do something as stupid as burning money in a hurry and accidentally burning all his competitors to death and earning more money.

At that thought, Pei Qian said, “Reply to them that Bunny Tail Live-Stream is going in a different direction from their platforms. It will not form a direct competition. Tell them to relax. GOG’s and GPL’s live-streaming rights will not be affected. They can continue doing what they have always done.”

What Pei Qian said was true. “It would not form a direct competition” meant that Bunny Tail Live-Stream would be neither popular nor profitable. He only wanted to pay some bandwidth fees. Indeed, it would not form a competitive relationship with other live-stream platforms.

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Zhang Yuan said, “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll reply to them now.”

Guangzhou, ZZ Live-Stream Headquarters.

“Alright, Boss Zhang, I understand. Thank you!”

The company’s Vice-President, Liu Liang, hung up on Zhang Yuan. At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief and felt a little confused.

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The earliest collaboration between ZZ Live-Stream and Tengda was traced back to last August’s ZZ Cup Live-Stream. At that time, ZZ Live-Stream had just obtained a huge sum of money and was developing rapidly. It was working with DGE Club and other GOG clubs, creating a huge wave of popularity for its platform.

After that, ZZ Live-Stream successfully obtained live-stream rights of the international invitational tournament and the GPL Spring Competition from Tengda. Liu Liang and Zhang Yuan naturally established a good partnership.

Even so, Liu Liang’s work had not been smooth recently.

At the moment, the live-stream industry was about to turn into a sea of red. After a huge influx of capital, veteran live-stream platforms like them were hit hard. Many new platforms would spend huge sums of money to poach live-streamers, engage in price wars, and even hire fake reviewers to defame and report other platforms. This made Liu Liang tired of dealing with them, and he was a little overwhelmed every day.