Watching video online can make money, is it true?

Watching video online can make money, is it true?

As one of the rich second-generation heirs who had entered the E-Sports industry earlier, Ding Gan had brought funds, attention, and traffic to the domestic E-Sports industry. However, he had also brought bad management and operations to the club.

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Everyone took their seats.

Ding Gan cleared his throat and said, “Boss Pei, the three of us came all the way here today to apologize to you and clear the misunderstanding.”

“Manager Li’s lies not only caused Tengda to suffer losses, but also caused a huge loss to our club. From this point of view, we are all victims.”

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“I’ll punish him severely when we get back and give you an explanation, Boss Pei!”

“I hope that Boss Pei will be magnanimous. Don’t let this small misunderstanding affect our hard-earned partnership. After all, our clubs contributed our hard work while preparing for the global finals even if we did not make much contribution.”

The bosses of the other two clubs chimed in with sincerity.

Pei Qian nodded and did not comment.

The three of them appeared very humble and sincere, but Pei Qian would be stupid to believe them all.

How could the club managers be able to decide a huge matter like selling its GOG’s branches? They must have asked the three bosses repeatedly.

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The fact that the three bosses did not stop them meant that they actually supported Manager Li’s decision.

The higher the level of a person, the less likely they would be involved in such dirty work. Instead, they would leave it all to their subordinates. That way, if there were no problems, everything would be fine. If there were any problems, they could immediately draw a clear line.

Therefore, the bosses of these three clubs must be resisting the contract internally. They did not want to accept Tengda’s management and restrictions at first.

They even thought that as long as the clubs worked together, they would be able to control the GPL league and force Tengda to retreat.

However, now that the situation had developed to this stage, they had no choice but to give in.

If no one was interested in the GPL quota this time and could not be sold for much, the club owners would definitely not have such an attitude.

Thus, Pei Qian was neither angry nor understanding.

“So, may I know if you intend to fulfill the contract?”