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Wang Xiaobin took a sip of his coffee and then sent a message on the company’s internal chat software. “Test a few new downloadable content. They will be released soon. See if there are any bugs!”

Wang Xiaobin was mainly in charge of bringing half of Shang Yang Games’ employees to develop the downloadable content of old games, including The Lonely Desert Road, Game Designer, Repent and be Saved, and Ocean Stronghold.

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Amongst them, huge changes had been made for Repent and be Saved and Ocean Stronghold. The downloadable content was too much, so it could not be completed in a short period of time. They had to wait until the end of this month and the beginning of next month.

However, the downloadable content of The Lonely Desert Road and Game Designer were relatively easier to make. At the moment, the development work had been completed. Once the bugs were checked, the game would be officially updated.

Wang Xiaobin did not dare to let his guard down even though most of the bugs had been modified. He asked everyone to play more games and test more, afraid that they would encounter hidden problems after the game was released.

This was actually a more mystical problem.

Previously, when Shang Yang Games’ new game or new version of DEMO was created, Boss Pei would take a look at it. All sorts of incomprehensible bugs would appear when the games reached his hands even though the games were working fine previously.

Wang Xiaobin even suspected that Boss Pei had some special method to find bugs or that Boss Pei himself was a bug.

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Therefore, every time the game was updated and the downloadable content was developed, the test would be done with utmost precision. They would only dare to go online after repeated testing, afraid that they would miss out on some fatal bugs.

The downloadable content of The Lonely Desert Road and Game Designer were priced at five yuan and eighteen yuan respectively.

For The Lonely Desert Road, the main body was sold for one yuan. The first downloadable content was also sold for one yuan. What’s more, it was now free.

The new downloadable content was priced at five yuan. Wang Xiaobin had set it himself. It was a historical breakthrough.

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That was because the content of The Lonely Desert Road’s downloadable content was much richer than the game itself.

On Wang Xiaobin’s computer, the announcement for the downloadable content of the two games had been written.

The Lonely Desert Road’s downloadable content announcement:

First, new internet connection mode. Internet connection mode support: Invite friends to a common game (up to eight people), randomly match players to a common game (starting from the beginning, up to eight people), random encounter (meet other players during the process).