Online psychological conversation live broadcast

Online psychological conversation live broadcast

Noticing that “F P S” meant the acronym “FPS”, Aguri pointlessly exclaimed in realization.

Suddenly, Amano-chi looked up at Aguri in excitement, but didn’t try to ask anything and looked back down at his game.

“(Guh… what the hell, Aguri doesn’t want to learn what kind of game an FPS is and what it stands for from an otaku boy who keeps saying ‘FPS’ over and over again!)”

Whenever Aguri talks about fashion, Amano-chi would always go “Décoll… eté?” with a blank face, but it feels like this power relationship was just flipped.

Moving past that topic, Aguri started thinking to wonder what this “FPS” that her boyfriend like was.

“(He said that it was an exhilarating, skill-dependent game where you shoot your opponents… right? Shoot… in other words… the ‘S’ stands for shooting, right!? And then, ‘FPS’ would mean…)”

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While trying to reason out the answer, Aguri asked Amano-chi indirectly to check her answers.

“A-amano-chi, do you also like it? That game…”

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“What? What game are you talking about?”

Not expecting to be continuing the conversation from before, Amano-chi looked up and tilted his head.

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Believing that “This is it!”, Aguri tried to check her answer.

“A ‘Friend’s Parents Shooting’ game.”

“A game where you shoot your friend’s parents!? I-I don’t like that kind of game!”

“Is that so? Then you don’t have the same tastes Tasu does then, Amano-chi.”