Playing a playing card online

Playing a playing card online

"Umm...sorry for bothering you so many times. Is it ok if I call you?".

Anxiety that was transmitted to me through the mail. It's better if I don't just go to sleep and leave Sakura hanging. And when I called her, Sakura answered with a low voice.

"You can't sleep?".

"Yeah.....thinking about tomorrow, I just got nervous.....haaaaa".

It was a depressing sigh. Her anxiety is also being transmitted through the call. She's probably thinking about an answer to the confession.

"I---I don't know anything about Yamauchi-kun.....and that's a bit scary.....".

"I see.....".

"Liking someone, or hating someone. I just realized it comes with a huge responsibility".

For Sakura, who has not paid much attention to the distance between her and her surroundings up until now, this event must have been too much of a stimulus. But the extent to which an outsider can interfere and help out is limited.

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The one who decides everything will be Sakura, and the one receiving it will be Yamauchi. This pattern alone cannot be broken. That's something even a beginner in romance like myself understands. I don't have the right to advise Sakura to either reject him or accept him. I can do nothing but quietly listen to what she has to say.

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"Yamauchi-kun's done nothing wrong, but I'm just...thinking I don't want it. But I also feel bad for him, who noticed even someone like me.....".

I keenly realized that love is definitely something complicated.

".....when I kept on thinking, I just don't know what I should do.....".

That's understandable, even through the phone I could understand how she must have been constantly feeling confused.

"Why me.....I thought. Why do I have to suffer like this, I end up thinking".