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"No. There's no reason to do anything that special. Am I wrong?" Katsuragi replies. It seems rather than rejoicing at this, he's put his guard up. That was inevitable. It wouldn't be strange even if he thought it were some trap from Class D. But even so, the fact that he isn't showing signs of immediately rejecting us, is probably largely thanks to Kushida's presence.

"Do you have any plans to meet someone else today?" Kushida asks.

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"That's not the case but.....". Kushida then claps her hands with a big smile as if to say 'I'm glad'. If she shows that kind of smile, any ordinary man would fall in love with her with that one shot.

But this man is the leader of Class A, and is not someone that can simply be sunk like this.

"I'm sorry but it's not like we're close friends or anything. If there's any ulterior motives to this please say so" Katsuragi said.

"There are no ulterior motives. We're seriously just thinking about celebrating your birthday, Katsuragi" Ike said that with a serious face. He's probably thinking about celebrating Katsuragi's birthday from the bottom of his heart filled with sympathy.

"Mu.....". This is a bind, as if to say that Katsuragi tightened his mouth with an expression of rejection. And so I realized that in his hands, Katsuragi was holding the same birthday present bag as yesterday.

It was something he should have bought two days ago, and yet he was carrying it around with him wherever he went. I wonder why. It seems Ike and the others have not realized this (or have realized and are pretending to not have) and they called out to Katsuragi.

"Sorry but I have business at the school now. I apologize" Katsuragi said.

"School, eh? Speaking of which, recently you've been always wearing your uniform. What are you doing?" Ike asked in a casual manner but Katsuragi did not miss the incongruousness in that one word.

"What do you mean by that?". From the mild-mannered look he had just a while ago, it seems Katsuragi has entered his battle mode as his expression turned sharp.

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"Ehh? What is what?". Ike remained aloof without having realized that change but that aloofness collapsed with the next lines that followed.

"How did you know that I was wearing my uniform recently?" he asked. Being stared by strong eyes that seemed to suck you in, Ike unexpectedly gulped.

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He must have picked up the words that were whispered in his subconscious and remembered something inconvenient.

"Ehh? No, that's...".

"Yesterday after you met me, I met up with Ike and the others. I told them about it then, should I have not?". Having been left with no other choice but to follow up like that, I told that to Katsuragi.

"I thought it was unusual clothing for summer vacation" I continued.

"I see...thinking about it I suppose that's true".