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That meant hiring one professional chef alone would not be enough.

One could not attract a professional chef like that without enough money. After all, these chefs would be able to earn a fair amount from working in regular high-end restaurants in their own city. What’s more, they could look for restaurants closer to their own home. Why would they want to travel all the way to Jingzhou?

The owner of this restaurant must have been paying a huge amount to employ so many chefs.

Could he recover this expense?

Before this, Xue Zhebin had thought that the dishes on the menu were priced too high. After tasting the dishes, he realized that they were not highly-priced at all. Instead, they were quite cheap.

Could the owner of this restaurant recover his capital?

The main problem was that this restaurant was located in a desolate place. Marketing and advertising aside, there was not even a sign placed outside the main entrance. Until now, Xue Zhebin did not even know what this place was called.

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It was about lunchtime now. Yet, in such a huge restaurant, Xue Zhebin was the only customer.

Was this restaurant incurring losses?

Xue Zhebin looked at the dishes and then at the waiter, still smiling next to him. Finally, he looked around the restaurant, at the outstanding dining environment, and the high-class, fine tables, chairs, and cutlery… “Could it be… there’s something illegal going on behind the scenes here?”

Xue Zhebin immediately became wary.

However, on second thought, that did not seem right.