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What software is the most popular money software online?

Moreover, she was the only person from White Lily Academy who bet on me.

How do I say this… Is this person really fit to run this place?

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The next moment.

「D-Director?! Not nee-sama, but Allen Rodore?!」

「You’re the worst! You traitor!」

Terrible booes rained down on Chemy-san.

「Fuu… You don’t understand, ladies. I’ll teach you one good thing. ”Bet on the person with the highest chance of winning!” That’s the basics of gambling, isn’t it?」she said, in a dignified manner, without any fear of backlash

That is… she chose “me” over her own student.

「D-Do you mean to say that nee-sama is inferior to Allen Rodore!」

「T-This is a betrayal! This is betrayal to nee-sama – No, it’s a betrayal to the whole of White Lily Academy!」

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There was much more intense booing than before.

「Hmm, hmm! No matter what everyone says, my choice is Allen-kun! You all saw the Sword King Festival, right!? Idol-san can’t possibly win, can she?!」

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…This person is the type who should not open her mouth often.

After pouring oil to the burning fire, Chemy-san received continuous intense booing.

Under such circumstances, the broadcast club forcibly progressed the ability measurement.

「…C-Come on! Now that we’re all excited, let’s start the ability measuring right away! The first event is – this!」

At the same time as the announcement, a big machine of two meters square was carried out.