Good money online project

Good money online project

Ma Yang promised immediately. “Don’t worry, Brother Qian, wait and see!”

Pei Qian did not know why, but he felt confident when Ma Yang banged his chest with assurance.

After another hour, someone knocked on the door again when Pei Qian was thinking if he should get off work. It was a rare guest this time.

Yu Pingan, the person-in-charge of ‘Top Student, Come Quick’.

Pei Qian immediately became cautious. The problems were usually huge with these rare guests!

“Is there some problem with ‘Top Student, Come Quick’?” Pei Qian asked nonchalantly.

Yu Pingan looked a little embarrassed. He only spoke after thinking for another two seconds. “Boss Pei, the current state of ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ is not very optimistic, I... I would like to have your advice.”

Pei Qian became alert all of a sudden.

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‘Top Student, Come Quick’ was not optimistic? That was great news!

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Didn’t it enjoy back-stabbing me previously? It even helped Thriller Hostel do its advertisement. It wasn’t that long ago; why was it... not optimistic so soon?

Pei Qian tried to force his mouth from turning upwards. “Meaning?” Yu Pingan sorted his thoughts and said. “Boss Pei, I think the development of this software has reached a bottleneck so far.

“Originally, the positioning of this app was as a platform for top students and flunkies to communicate and help each other, and we charged a small fee for it.

“However, the reason why ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ could become successful so soon was because of the use of capital, investment, burning money, chasing after investments to create enough popularity... “Then, we used the user base left behind by Xude Education and Tengda’s other industries as well as the transformation of the app’s own function to achieve a new level of popularity and had even become profitable temporarily.

“However, recent data had shown that it had become less optimistic.

“I think the root of the problem is that the communication requirements of top students and flunkies were in itself a pseudo-demand. Related functions are also finding it difficult to support the current user base...”

Pei Qian listened quietly without saying anything. However, he was agreeing with joy in his heart.

That’s right! You are so right! Yu Pingan, you have such a clear view of the problem!

The demand for this software was a pseudo-demand from the start!