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「Thank you, president. There were a number of elaborate props that were aimed at the gaps of consciousness. It was a lot of fun.」

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When I conveyed my honest impression,

「……Eh? T-Thank you… No, that’s not the point!」

She stared at me blankly for a moment, and soon pouted sullenly.

「W-Why didn’t you get surprised at all?! And the surprise just now… Any human being would have definitely been surprised!」

The president said so in desperation, getting angry unreasonably.

「A-Ahaha… Sorry.」

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I scratched my cheeks with a wry smile.

Indeed, the last surprise attack was a wonderful fright that aimed at catching a psychological blind spot.

It’s a wonderful attack that precisely targets the moment when the curse dispelling amulet was placed on the keystone and everything was over – the moment when the on-edge mind finally relaxed.

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「I could smell your nice smell from behind the pillars, so, unfortunately, I knew you were hiding there, president.」

Man is surprised at the unexpected.

Conversely, not surprised at the expected.