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On the other hand, IOI mobile games were MOBA games while Fitness Fighting was a casual game. These two games were completely unrelated.

On the other hand, there was a natural advantage for IOI mobile games. MOBA games had deeper gameplay and could be more fun. The overall graphics and details should be better than casual games.

That was also the key reason why Eric allowed IOI’s mobile game to be released at almost the same time as Fitness Battle. He felt that IOI’s mobile game would be better even if they were to compete forcefully.

However, IOI’s mobile game had only been released for a little more than an hour, and its reviews and reputation on the internet had already been shaken off by ‘Fitness Battle’?

How could they?

What Zhao Xuming was reporting now was obviously subverting Eric’s worldview. He could not believe it.

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Zhao Xuming looked like his balls were hurting as well. “I can’t explain it in a few words. You should look at the comments online. The problem lies with the promise we made during the news conference...”

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Eric’s heart dropped. He quickly checked the reactions of the gamers on his computer.

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It was exactly as Zhao Xuming had said. The players seemed to have a lot of opinions!

“Something’s not right. This IOI mobile game is obviously fake publicity! Didn’t the news conference say that the data of the client-side game is interconnected? Why are there more spending points that the client-side game doesn’t have?”

“Er... I watched the replay of the news conference again and realized that Finger Games did not promote it falsely. They said at the news conference that all the property of the client-side game could be brought to the mobile game. They did not say that the entire shopping mall system of the mobile game was exactly the same as the client-side game.”

“What’s wrong with that? The data is interconnected. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to make the same thing?”

“You can’t wake up early if there’s no profit. Do you think that the programmers worked overtime to make functions for nothing? Think about it. How many users would IOI mobile games have in the world? How much revenue would it generate by adding some consumables that the client-side game did not have? If you were Finger Games, would you be willing to give up such a chance to make money?”

“Alright, looks like it’s not fake publicity. It’s just a wordplay. However, it’s still disgusting!”